Impressum - LippeCleanUp

LippeCleanUp is powered by RhineCleanUp gGmbH

Kapellstraße 17a
40479 Düsseldorf
+49 172 8551373


RhineCleanup gGmbH is a not for profit organisation with the ambition to protect the environment and to increase the awareness for the need to take better care of the area and cities along the Rhine, and its tributaries.

The non-profit is registered under HRB number 85984 in the commercial register of Düsseldorf.


Founder and operational managers are Thomas de Groote, Joachim Umbach


On international level RhineCleanUp gGmbH is a partner of River Cleanup vzw:

River Cleanup vzw

Kromstraat 1

9667 Horebeke, Belgium,