Our mission

If we continue like this …

By 2050, the volume of plastic waste in the world's oceans will be greater than the fish population. Eight billion kilograms are currently being added every year, serious researchers are even talking of 13 billion kilograms. This is a serious problem that will have adverse health effects on marine life as well as on us humans.

This pollution of the oceans must be stopped.

RhineCleanUp acts. We have been cleaning up the banks of rivers since 2018 - initially on the Rhine from the source to the mouth, and now also on 21 other rivers. In the last few years we have been able to activate over 100,000 volunteers, they have collected over 1,000 tons of rubbish from the various rivers.


We focus on rivers because 70 percent of the plastic waste that ends up in the world's oceans gets there via rivers. Here in Europe, too, the problem is alarming. The Rhine is still considered the largest source of waste here.

That's what we stand for

RhineCleanUp is an open organization. Local groups of environmental associations, clubs, companies, social institutions, religious communities, political parties, groups of friends and neighborhood communities, families and individuals take part. This unprejudiced cooperation is our strength.


We are all united by the desire to preserve and protect nature and the environment. That's why we're active and clearing the river banks of rubbish. We also support prevention and educational measures that help avoid waste.


Our community stands for civic engagement that is supported by all forces in society who are committed to social coexistence. With us, no one is excluded because of their origin, skin color, religion, sexual orientation or physical and/or mental impairments. RhineCleanUp promotes social coexistence and, as a meeting place, makes an important contribution to integration.


All people who share these human rights-oriented and democratic basic values with us are welcome in our actions.

We act

We prevent the garbage disposed of in nature from getting over the banks into the rivers and thus into the oceans - through specific clean-up campaigns, through technical solutions, through workshops in schools and companies and through awareness campaigns.

Join us

Support us with your active participation in our clean-up campaigns, found your own CleanUp group on our website. Make a drawing too!

Cleanups are fun

Garbage collection campaigns are a community experience. You meet like-minded people, friends. That's why such actions also strengthen the sense of community - whether for neighbors, clubs or companies. Our civic commitment gives the participants the good feeling of becoming active themselves and doing something really meaningful. In addition, these events are also an important contribution to the integration of foreign citizens.

Donations, educational work or other help

Would you like to support our association? There are different possibilities for this. You can provide us with grabs, gloves, and garbage bags, or you can help us reach our goals with a donation. We do educational work in schools and day-care centers and implement various projects together with them. Company CleanUps have also become very popular. Feel free to contact us!